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Usage of Japanese Verbs,

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Usage of Japans Auxiliary Verbs,

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Introduction to Ei Cohen's activities
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Published a new book contained with plenty of photographies! So it may be heavy duty for your PC with a mamory capacity to down-load these fils.

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about POT (Personal Office Telintalk)

Telintalk、it's a Trade name of the personal office of its owner, Taku Kanda. He has engaged in foreign language relative jobs for more than 30 years, icluding the translation, oral interpretation mainly in Russian Language. And finally, he has shifted the focus of his activities to the cultural creative activities as such a story-teller of erotic fictious stories as "Ehon" writers in the period of Edo era. Despite that it's too late for him to decide to do so and that it is not so much reasonable in view of commercialibility to do so, he has decided because it was his long term concern from his young age to involve in such a cultural creative activities as his life work.

He has only five years to start to engaged in such a cultural creative activity with his pen name Ei Cohen concreatly giving a matrial form of books to the ideas in mind with materials collected. Then just one year ago, namely on 2nd Feburary 2009, he has started to publicate this Web site to publish his works online on internet by means of Adobe's PDF file format.

Now you should understand that the master of this site is Ei Cohen.


Publication [公開/上梓] ☞ Click to go to the pages "Dictionary of Japanese Verbs" and Japanes Language Tutorial

This means Online Electronic Publication by means of Acrobat PDF files, as well as HTML style on the Home Pages. I am the Master of this Web Castl, Ei Cohen, and wish to publish from time to time my own mainly literal works to the public through the worldwide web net.

Especially this publication mainly regards to his unique and distinguishable style of story-telling like as those of Japanese Edo era, so called EHON [艶本(えほん)], other than the linguistic works. Ei Cohen is willing to publish works of so called super (i.e. not literal) translation of russian lilics, stories written in Italian and Russian Languages as the time make it possible.

All stories are fictious and have no relation to the real social backgraoud and persons who likely lived or lives even if those names are similar to the real persons. Moreover, it is specific that every stories of EHON refer to erotic life of heros and/or heroins of said stories, and there appear many detail expression erotic activitie of the protagonists. Such stories are devide in two types of historical backgraound: modern (including classic) and medieval (i.e., those of Edo era). In view of such characteristic of the stories all these EHON should be prohibited for those of under twenty year olds [二十禁] to read who should be protected by the related Japanese Laws, even if, except most modern stories, the expressions and terms used in said stories are specifically not so much easy for peoples of current generations to comprehend, if they are not specifically educated of Japanese classic literatures. Even though these stories are "decorated" with many erotic expression, they shouldn't be understood as a kind of pornographies in any sense. To clarify what is the Cohen's EHON, Click here.

Essay/Criticism [物申す] [Japanes only]



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