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September 7, 2011

Almosto a half year is passed after the godemn 3.11's catastrofs in the North East regions of our country; quakes, Tsunamis and more godemn Nukes explosions, which never want to cease ejecting enomouse amount of radioacive particles into the air and the seawater to poluse our lives.

During these periods of times I was plunging into creative activities to write an account of my old trips mainly in Italy titled as "Un viaggio sentimentale nell'Etruria"(a sentimetal journey in the Etruria) whick took place in nearly fifteen months from October 1980 up to February 1982. It was written in Japanes, although firstly I had an idea to write in Italian language, according to a kind of a my old short memorandum about my trips in that period and with much plenty of photos taken ini the journey. The reason why I wrote " I was plunging into…) was in the so time-consuming works in recovering the scollorification of films after long period of time almost thiry years, as in the electronification of films using a scanner, retouching many images using the Photoshop's functions or so. Now almost finished mainly the editorial part of works, it is coming to the goal to publish my work on my website within a weak or so. It's the biggest News in these period of time.

June 16, 2011 Completely reconstructed the configuration of Cohen's Website, just restarted to put an effort also to the English version of it.


I'll highly appresiate it, if visitors could toss me any kind of comment, questions about this site via email: eicohen@eikohen.com

October 10,2010
"Usage of Japanese Verbs" and "Usage of Japanese Auxiliary Verbs (with appendicese and Tips in using Japanes Verbs)" published on this site in June this year have been taken to publicize in a form of extraction on the Google Book Pertner's Program after long examination over almost 4 months. The author Ei Cohen hopes, this may bring these two kinds of books to attention of people in more wider range of country.
July 12,2010
Finally decided the procedure to subscribe these dictionaries about which I've informed you on June 15 this year. Who wants to use them constantly on his/her PC, those should legally subscribe them by paying the prices indicated under the images of these dictionaries according to the indication given in another page.
June 15, 2010


Here is started a column for "What's New" in English with a notice to every forain people who interested in learning Japanese Lanquage. The sitemaster of this Website , Ei Cohen, is pleasure to inform you that finished his task continued long for more than one and a third year, and this day of year here are uploaded a pair of Dictionaries in form of PDF files: "Usage of Japanese Verbs" and "Usage of Japanese Auxiliary Verbs (with appendicese and Tips in using Japanes Verbs)".

Every readers are given a limited free service period up to the end of June, 2010 during which the online looking into these dictionaries is allowed only in condition with not download from internet withour any consent of the author.

Ei Cohen is welcome to hear any coments and/or critics from you.




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