Phonetical approarch to Japanese Language −Self-tutorial course - Part II : Step 2-4.1

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I believe, everybody who have followed these Steps up to this point might successfully grasp somewhat kind of feeling of Japanese phonetical sounds. Also I think, you could make acquaintance with figures and reading manner of Japanese caracters referring with respectful Japanese phonetics, even if there is not provided any real speaking sound. I would like to advice again for you to speedily repeat whole steps from the first step up to this point to remember that the Japanese vowels and consonants are ligid and short and consonants dosen't be pronaounced as soft and long sounds without halfvowel "y": namely, for example, "a"/"A" is always pronounced as [a:] in phonetical sign, never be pronounced as [ei:], also "o"/"O" is always ligid and short as [o:] but never pronounced like [oo:] or [ou:] as in English, and "kan" is always [kan:] but never be pronounce as [kyan:], and if you need to express a sound [kyan:] you shoud add a halfvowel "y" between "k" and "a" like this: "kyan".

Additional knowledge for you :

Hereinafter in the matrices you'll find a seriese of phonetical sounds that contains another sets of sounds leaded by a unit of phoneme [V+"n"] , [C+V+"n"] or {C+"y"+V+"n"] (where "C" refers to a consonat, "V" to a vowel, "y" - to half vowel "y", "n" to halfvowel "n" respectfully.)

Important thing to be beared in mind is that the halfvowel "n" followd by a vowel of the halfvowel "y" never be liaised with followed vowel of halfvowel "y". In short phoneme "n" may be a consonant [n] or a halfvowel ["n"]. For example, when you compose a set of sound from two elements like this "Kan"+"On" directly, it makes a sound "kanon" then the halfvowel "n" turns in to a simple consonant [n]. So for making halfvowel "n" always stand as it be you should put a separation sign ['] or [-] between "n" and following vowel of halfvowel "y" like this: [kan'on] or [kan-on], or [Sin]+[you] as [Sin'you (refers to "trust"] instead [Sinyou (refers to "mixed human wasts").

Now let's go foreward to the 4th Step.





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